Healthy Fit Kids

Give your children their BEST life. 
Living Happy, Healthy & Connected with Your Family. 


Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Websites

Cosmic Kids 

Making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids. Adventures using movement to help kids have fun and feel great. Jaime also has free videos on YouTube. 

Light Up Little Lights 

Beautiful videos to guide kids to calm down & shine their unique light. Each DVD has 3 yoga classes & 3 meditations specific for 2-5; 5-8; 8-12 year olds.

Peace Out Cosmic Kids

Guided relaxations, written and voiced by Jaime, introducing mindfulness to kids aged 5+. They release a new Peace Out every month.

Zen Den Cosmic Kids 

A fun series about mindfulness for kids aged 5+. This is one the kids watch with fun graphics. From the makers of Cosmic Kids Yoga, starring Jaime.

Love LCB

Love Compassion Balance for the modern, conscious parent & their kidlets. Lynette has free meditations for kids that are truly beautiful. 

Love Cubs

Two mamas empowering our children to know how incredible they are and to know that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

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