Throw together hot dinners 

How I survive the nights I have no idea what to cook! 

If you are super organised with a meal plan in place each week, this won't be so much of an issue. I used to do meal plans, not sure why I stopped and I do have every intention of starting back up again, although for now I shop based on what's on special, what is in season and what the family have requested as their favourites = this means they will eat it - yay! 


On the nights when you look at the time and realise you haven't even began dinner prep, this can be a stressful moment. I now try my absolute hardest to always have particular foods at all times available to grab out and throw together. 

Frozen meals from when you have made double batches also come in super handy on these nights. 


I like to always have 


  • chicken thighs

  • spinach

  • bone broth, click here to see how I make mine. 

  • wholegrain wraps

  • cheese

  • bacon

  • tomatoes

  • carrots

  • frozen vegetables


If I have all of the above constantly, I am never needing to order take-away (unless we choose to). 

There are so may variations I could make with the above ingredients and tonight I have make a quick video while I was cooking a throw together hot meal. 


Try to have a bunch of ingredients that you know will be easier to cook up, ones that you know the kids love and best of all - healthy options. Nothing fancy - just popping together something easy and filling that will keep everyone, most importantly you, happy. 

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