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Simone Emery - Play With Food

Simone is a mum of two and works part time as a feeding therapy assistant in Sydney. She has created eBooks and is co-author of an amazing eCourse, Happy Mealtimes. Simone really understands how to support families and their confidence around family meals. Simone also loves to engage all the senses and have fun with fruits and vegetables in classes she runs in person and via skype. 

As a mother, what's an activity you choose for your kids to keep fit? 

My children do swimming and sports classes.  We love checking out as many parks as we can.  Park play gives kids valuable sensory input, social experiences and opportunities for imagination.  I love watching my girls communicate with other kids and engage in interesting games with them.  We have a trampoline and swing in the backyard that both get pretty good workouts.  I also love doing some simple kid friendly yoga poses before dinner and before bed.

If your children could choose dinner, what would it be? What would your healthy choice for dinner be?

My children would choose sushi, dumplings or pasta.  We make dumplings at home with a variety of vegetables.  The dough is really simple.  1 cup of flour and 2/3 cup of boiling water.  I mix it while it is hot and then knead it out once it cools down a bit. It rests for about 20-30 mins before we roll little golf ball chunks out and add in our mixtures.  We steam them for 15 minutes. The girls love corn ones.  You can pretty much use any pre-steamed vegetables with a touch of soy, coriander and spring onion thrown in.  My choice for a healthy dinner is usually a stir-fry or a lamb, spinach and chickpea tagine. My easy stir-fry sauce is one part soy sauce to two parts each of tahini and maple syrup. I also love white bean soup with lots of carrot and celery.

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development? 

My focus on this at the moment is trying to help my two little girls build self-confidence. When they are having a tough time, I find it hard not to jump straight in and help.  Letting them get frustrated, angry, sad or annoyed is important for them even though it is heartbreaking for me.  I think it's important to let them experience these feelings and give them the tools to explore that content (the why), give empathy (to show that I understand) and then jointly work on problem solving. 

A great fun food tip you use with kids to get them really loving food? 

Keep it fun. Keep it simple. Keep it positive. If you are stressed it makes everything about eating stressful for the child.  Parents can avoid stress at mealtimes by getting to understand the deeper issues around food.  This is how you can help them have a fun, simple and positive relationship with food.  

Best parenting tip for Healthy Fit Kids you can pass on?

Don't feel like you have to do it all yourself and if in doubt, go and grab some FRESH AIR. 

Thank you so much Simone for your time :-) 

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