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Simone - Nourishing Hub 

Simone is a mum, wife & the founder of Nourishing Hub which is  an online store dedicated to Women's Health. They offer organic & natural health products, nutritious food & well being tips. Prior to children, she actually worked in the finance industry. Simone's values are so inspiring and I think she is amazing which makes me so happy to have her joining us on HFK's launch.  

As a mama, what's an activity you choose for your kids to keep fit? 

We go to the playground pretty much every day. My girls love to bike ride and scooter and run circles around the playground. We also love doing family walks (my youngest gets pushed on a bike is we’re not off road  Swimming is great activity that we do year around the girls, either classes in an indoor pool or a day at the beach. 

If your children could choose dinner, what would it be? What would your healthy choice for dinner be?

India (19 months) will eat everything under the sun – everything that is categorised as food is her favourite :). Bodhi, who is nearly four is a bit more particular but her favourite is corn fritters.
My healthy choice would be salmon fingers with a coconut, sesame and chia crumb, cooked in coconut oil. Really easy to may and high in omegas, which I love. 

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development ? 

For me, at the age my kids are there is lots of hugging and saying I love you. There is also a lot of naming their emotions so they can start to understand how they are feeling, i.e. I understand you are feeling frustrated or you’re feeling happy about that. Focusing on naming the things they do positively  is important (not just focusing on the things they are doing wrong) i.e. I love the way you got dressed without me asking you this morning, or I love the way you got in the car without any fuss today. Sometimes it is easy to fall into a pattern of nagging or just focusing on the negative. 

Your favourite afternoon snack for the kids, to get them through until dinner?

My kids eat lots of fruit, carrots and hummus, nuts, gojis, raisins (they graze similar to me :). I often make raw bars with loads of seeds in them and other goodies they are quite sustaining

Best parenting tip for Healthy Fit Kids you can pass on?

Try to keep it fun, create uninterrupted special time with your kids, so that they feel valued and that they have your undivided attention (i.e. No checking phones or gadgets at this time). So much of our relationships with our children comes from your own relationship with ourselves. As we create more calm and stillness in your own life, we become better equipped to interact with the challenges and joys of motherhood. 

Thank you so much Simone for your time :-) 

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