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Rachel Hampton - Mum of two. 

Rachel is one of the beautiful mothers that follow my Healthy Fit Kids page. 

She has two children aged 4 and 6 years. 

As a mother, what's an activity you choose for your kids to keep fit?

Running around in the backyard is fabulous, or riding bikes/scooters to feed the ducks or play at the park.

If your children could choose dinner, what would it be? What would your healthy choice for dinner be?

My kids love tacos - I grate veges into the mince & they can eat the tacos how they like but all the bits get put on their plates: grated carrot, cucumber, tomato, cheese, coleslaw (without dressing) etc..

I love to make stir frys & just use a little tamari or soy sauce for flavor - I often top them with raw cashews or sunflower seeds for the extra fat content. I use basmati, brown rice or rice noodles.

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development? 

Definitely reading books is a highlight in our house! (and going to the library) My kids are snuggly so lots of hugs & kisses too.

What is one piece of advice you want to pass on to your children so they can live a happy and fulfilled life? 

Food is fuel. I want my kids to know what real food is, how to grow it, cook it & enjoy it.

Thank you so much Rachel for joining me :-)