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Philippa Bowman - Nurtured Fitness

Philippa is one very inspirational mum. 

She is a mother of two and an expert Pre/Postnatal Fitness Coach & founder 

of Nurtured Fitness. Philippa loves working with women and offers fun 

and practical tools to help prioritise 

their family fitness. Especially by doing energising and playful workouts with 

their family by their side. Philippa offers 

so much goodness on her website that 

will really get you inspired and motivated. It is a pleasure to have her join me. 

As a mother and fitness coach, what's one of the activities you choose for your kids to keep fit?

We basically do everything together in our family.  My children are 1 & 3 years old so my fitness philosophy is to simply make moving and an active lifestyle really normal.  If they can’t do an activity we are doing, then we always have a baby carrier on hand to give their little legs a rest.

My go to activity on daily basis to get my kids moving & having fun is building an obstacle course.  This can be done inside, outside or riverside.  We just use simple things around the house that encourage the kids to crawl down low, climb or reach high, balance & lots of running.  Inside we crawl under chairs, jump over cushions, balance along the couch & race down the hall way. Outside is where we make our own course out of old planks of wood.  And Yes, I 100% get up, down & under with them.

If your children could choose dinner, what would it be? What would your healthy choice for dinner be?

My 1 year old would happily demolish a whole avocado for dinner while my 3 year old loves Pasta & Fajita night. I am vegetarian so we use a tonne of vegetables in everything, but one of my favorite meals is a Spiced Chickpeas, tahini dressing with a Quinoa Salad.

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development?

Not being too busy with too many activities and too many places to be.  Yes, it is wonderful that kids can go anywhere with you and 100% be a part of your world, but I always notice more ‘challenging toddlers’ when life gets crazy and I am dragging them through life at adult pace.  They are basically screaming out, slow down!  It is so important to be down at their level, listening and talking to them.  Walking around slowly and inspecting every leaf or insect that passes you by.  Try to be more present and connected to your child in that moment.

If other parents want to include more fun fitness into their lives, what is the first small step you would recommend they start with?

Just play more! Physically get more involved and move your entire body with them.  If your child wants to play dinosaurs, you can stomp around with them, even be doing a set up lunges – they will have no idea that you are getting in a sneaky workout.  If you are at the playground, try climbing up on the play equipment too! It is actually quite challenging lifting your entire body weight.

Best parenting tip for a Healthy Fit Kid you can pass on?

Children are great imitators, so you if want them to be Healthy & Fit, you need to live that healthy & fit life.  Eat the same foods you provide your children & find activities that you love – they will want that same joy that you get from movement.  You want them to grow up thinking that this is just normal and what people do, rather than a chore or something they have to think about. 

Thank you so much Philippa for your time :-) 

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