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The Gold membership gives you access to ALL of the programs for just $47 per month – no lock in contracts, cancel at anytime. You also get access to all 5 

of their ebooks. 

Now THAT is a bargain!

"I love that I can access any of the programs when ever I want. My husband I are often complete the programs together. We can repeat modules when needed and spend more time in areas that we feel we need more help with. It is also easy coming out of our account each month at such a great price so we don't have to worry about it, but we can cancel anytime with no catch." -Kate

I am a BIG FAN of the Parental Stress Centre and have an ongoing monthly membership as I feel I can always learn more as a parent of three children. 
As a mother who suffers from anxiety and depression, the information I have learned and continue to learn about, has helped me in so many ways that I can completely thank these programs for helping me to where I am today, which is in a much more happier and positive place. 

This is very different from anything I have come across or any other parenting program I have completed because most courses give you tips and ideas on how to deal with issues that arise as a parent. That will help but doesn't prevent the same thing happening again. 
The Parental Stress Centre looks at the INITIAL reactions and reasons behind why we feel the way we do when particular behaviours arise. The teachings offered here is what everyone needs, it will not only help you in your parenting journey but throughout your life in general. 

Designed to help you understand and deal with yours and your child’s stress at a grass roots level. 

Discover the thinking behind behaviours. 

Jackie Hall is a professional counsellor, author, mother, keynote speaker, course facilitator and founder of the Parental Stress Centre. She began her journey back in 2007 when she found herself the mother of two, suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety.

I am so impressed by how much the courses have helped me and our family that I have signed up as an affiliate - I truly believe in everything Jackie Hall offers. I cannot recommend these enough which is why I have chosen to be part of promoting what the Parental Stress Centre offers. 

You can either do the programs self-paced or they also offer them live where you can do the course along with a group and join a private facebook group to chat with other parents as you go and live webinars where you can ask questions as you go. 


  • Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parents. 
  • The Truce program - Bringing back love, connection and alignment between parents.
  • Happy Mum Program - Free yourself from Motherhood Stress.
  • Be the Change Program.
  • 21 Day Give Me Back My Time Program.
  • Postnatal Depression Recovery Program.
  • One-on-One Counselling and Parental Coaching.
  • Gold Membership - Get access to ALL Books, Self-paced Programs and live online programs with support.