Obese children are growing;  literally and figuratively 

Obesity in children is unfortunately on the rise with the rates of overweight children increasing significantly every year.

Most parents today are involved in so much more than ever before and we all get so tied up with general day to day living that we forget to take good care of our own families health and fitness as much as we should. This needs to be the number one priority, because without good health everything else will collapse. 

Eating healthy and keeping fit should be part of our routines every SINGLE day.... like we have to go to school, go to work, get dressed and shower, we should also eat "well" and exercise.

Living a healthy fit lifestyle will provide your children with a happier & longer life. Role modelling great health is also a very important factor for children when they are growing up. They need to see their parents taking care of themselves and caring about what they put into their bodies as well as how much and often they move. Research has proven that this has a significant impact on how a child grows up to continue their own healthy habits and journey into their adult hood. 


The above picture shows the devastating problems that arise from a child being obese. I bet most of us wouldn't even be able to pronounce some of these conditions and diseases let alone know what they actually are or cause in children. I can say- they are not good! To name just three from the large list above-

  • Precocious puberty is your child reaching puberty an an extremely early age, recorded as young as 5.

  • Dyslipidemia is an abnormal amount of lipids, which are cholesterol and/or fat in the blood.  

  • Coagulopathy is a condition when the blood’s ability to clot is impaired which may cause uncontrolled internal or external bleeding. Left untreated, uncontrolled bleeding may cause damage to joints, muscles, or internal organs and may be life-threatening.


The scariest part of everything I have researched is the fact that obesity in children is NOT decreasing. Why are we not putting more effort in to our children's health. There really is no excuse. All parents are in the situation of having busy lives, work to do, other household duties to take care of and having a to do list the length of a toilet roll..... BUT these do not stop us from feeding our children well, getting them out in the fresh air to move daily and helping them to learn about the best ways they can take care of the one and only body they will have for the rest of their life. 

So some very simple steps to get you started....

Studies and research show that our weight is to do with approximately 80% of what we eat and 20% is about how much we move our body. Which means getting the food that goes on our plates is most crucial. Food on our plates, NOT food from packets on our plates! I feel I have to put the following in capitals!







This is just a start, but it's a great one!


If you can't cut it out completely, then REDUCE IT, SIGNIFICANTLY. Isn't it important to do this for your child, for your children to have a better life. For your child to have less, if not no diseases and serious medical conditions at all and most importantly to live a long, healthy and happy life. 


I still provide my children with treats, I just choose the healthier ones. There are refined sugar free options and there are most definitely so many benefits to making your own "treats" so you know exactly what is going in them. Check out some recipes here.


Please note that the above information is not taking into account children with medical conditions resulting in an obesity condition. 

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