Healthy Fit Kids

Give your children their BEST life. 
Living Happy, Healthy & Connected with Your Family. 


21 sure-fire After School Q's to get your kids talking.

Say No to Naplan

Love = Good Parenting? It's time to rethink the equation.

The Train Analogy that will completely change how you see your crying child. 

10 ways your THINKING is causing you parental ANGER. 

Children want to have an opinion. Don't you? 

Dangerous Kids make-up, 11 scary ingredients. 

Salt and Overweight Children. 

Nature Play QLD Passport for your kids. It's FREE. 

Kids and Body Image. 

This relates to both boys and girls.  

Scary places there are hidden sugars. Must read. 

For DADS - How To Get Along Better With Your Partner After The Birth Of Your Child.

What Parents need to consider before sharing pictures of their kids. 

Bringing more Dads 

into the picture. 

What is the unknown secret most couples DON’T know about how to have a successful relationship?

It's a sad day when Aussie kids can't climb trees.

"How food made me a better Dad". 

Life as a modern Mum versus back in the day. 

Unique animal behaviour, extreme/unusual sports, outdoor adventures & environmental stories.

6 Things to Do Right Now If Your Kid Is Being Bullied. Some great tips in here that can help. 

What happens when children (12-18 years old) don't have the internet for a whole day? OMG!!!!!