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Maggie Dent has the BEST information I've found about raising children... 

I am a massive fan of Maggie Dent and after listening to her talk live in Brisbane I can see why she has been named Australia's Queen of Common Sense. Maggie is a mother of 4 (adult) boys and doesn't hide that she is a big boy champion. Having sons myself, I really loved listening to her talk about her years of experience as not only a mum of boys but also as a teacher and counselor. Her perspective on raising children is absolute gold and I wish all families could parent in ways that Maggie advocates. Maggie really breaks down why children behave the way they do and helps parents to understand that it's normal and it's often our expectations of how our children 'should be' that causes the most stress. I also must mention that Maggie is absolutely hilarious!  
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