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Lynette Carroll Bolton - Love LCB

Lynette is a mum to 2 beautiful daughters, a wife and is the creator of Love LCB which is an online community for the modern conscious parent and their kids. She is also a TV & radio presenter and has many other amazing roles in her life as well.

Lynette explores a range of tips & techniques on embracing a more mindful and conscious parenting style including meditations, which I'm a big fan of for the whole family.  

As a mama, what's an activity you choose for your kids to keep fit?

I love getting out and about with the girls and we try and do something active as a family every day. We are so lucky that we live in an area with such wonderful facilities for kids (and adults!) who like to be active. We love taking the dog to the park, swimming, walking and getting some serious trampoline time! The girls love heading to the park and climbing on the equipment or kicking the footy around with Dad. Our little ones also have the amazing opportunities to do things like tennis and dancing when they are at daycare which is so fabulous for them.

If your children could choose dinner what would it be? What would your healthy choice for dinner be?
I think we are all pretty happy when it's taco night at our house! We have a fabulous veggie patch in the backyard so the girls are able to pick some lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber for their plates. They have such a sense of pride when they are eating something that they have grown themselves. Tacos at our place will also consist of fish or tofu or mince plus some yummy greek yogurt, cheese and hot sauce! Jude can never have enough hot sauce on everything ;)

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development?
I think that teaching kids to meditate is something that will absolutely help them with their emotional development. Meditation is such a fantastic tool for kids. It assists them with everything from stress management to improved social skills, and it is a fantastic way for them to become more aware of their emotions and how to deal with them. Teaching children how to meditate - and this can be through something as simple as three deep breaths when they are feeling emotional - will teach them a life skill that will assist them in their development for the rest of their lives. More and more kids these days are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression and other emotional challenges. I truly believe that if we teach our children how to meditate when they are young, as opposed to using this skill as a band aid approach when they are older and affected by these emotional challenges, we will see dramatic improvement in our kids' overall wellbeing.

What firsts tip would you suggest for a parents wanting to become more mindful and conscious in their parenthood journey? 
I think the first tip for parents wanting to be more mindful and conscious with their kids and with their partners is to put their phones down. See if it is possible to leave them in an allocated space as soon as they get home. Phones are such a time consumer and take up so much of our attention. Kids are also so aware of when they are only getting half their parents' attention because of the phone or TV or computer. Try and allocate some time, even just ten minutes to start, every evening which is completely dedicated to chatting to your little one. And truly listen - don't worry about the washing or the dinner or about what you have to do tomorrow. Just sit and listen. It sounds so simple, and it truly is, but it does take some specific planning to be able to clear everything else from your schedule at that specific moment in time. 

Best parenting tip for Healthy Fit Kids you can pass on?

I think the best thing a parent can do is enjoy themselves and not take it all too seriously. I know that on days that I am trying to do too many things at once and not having fun are the days that everything goes horribly wrong! Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially when we have little ones. I am also an absolutely crazy believer when it comes to self care for all parents. I truly believe that you have to fill your own cup before you can fill anyone elses. If you light yourself up by going to the gym, getting your nails done, getting a massage, having date night - whatever it is DO IT! Don't ever feel guilty for allocating that time into your week. From experience I know that taking that time for yourself on a regular basis will allow you to enjoy your time with your family even more.

Thank you so much Lynette for your time :-) 

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