Hugs Can Change Your Kids Life

Aim for a minimum of 12 hugs a day! 

I must begin by saying.... 

ASK your child how many hugs they like having with you a day. It may surprise you. My kids want more than 12 hugs! Although 12 hugs may sound a lot, if you begin your day with a hug and end with a hug, you will find many times throughout the day in between that hugging just happens without you even realising it and "surprise hugs out of no where just because??" are often the best! Then of course we are all individuals so there may be kids that wren't big huggers and that is completely sweet too. 


Virginia Satir is a social worker and known as the 'mother of family therapy'. It was Virginia who said 


"We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. 

We need 12 hugs a day for growth".


Hugging your child can help in so many ways, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. We all know ourselves how great a big hug from a loved one can feel when we are unwell, feeling sad, stressed, hurt or even really excited about something and want to share our joy. 


A hug before and after school- 

A hug to greet your child after being away at school is a fantastic way to re-connect with your child after not seeing them for the day. When you say goodbye in the morning for school, giving them a hug just reminds your child how much you care and physically sets them off on their day feeling they belong, are accepted and have someone special in their life who is there for them. A hug lets your child feel the love. 


A hug to reduce stress-

There have been many studies that conclude hugging does comfort a child in times of need. Hugging lowers children's stress and anxiety levels and also lifts their mood in a significant way. This is due to increasing their serotonin levels which then elevates their mood resulting in the child feeling happier. 


A hug to relieve pain-

Hugging relaxes muscles, therefore often reducing pain. A hug is also soothing for a child as it releases tension in their bodies. 


A hug to be present right now in time-

In our busy lives of school drops offs, work, meetings, school picks ups, appointments, meals times, bed times, etc, etc, we often get so caught up in the rush we forget to just STOP and BREATHE! Having a hug is great way to make yourself present in the exact moment in time that you hold your little one. Really breathe them in, hold them tight and feel the love your heart feels. It really is magical when you truly just stop and be. It puts things into perspective and reminds you what's important. Your child will appreciate this moment of your time and especially if you really stop and hug them. 



               Hugs were created so you could let someone know how much you love them without saying anything at all.

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