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Fitness, Nature & Exploring

Nature Play QLD

Helping to increase the time Queensland kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature. Fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

Nature Play SA

Spreading the nature play message and working to increase access to nature play resources, events and programs.

Dirt Girl World 

A celebration of life outside!
There are games, a club, grubby tv and a get grubby program. Lots of fun for the kids where dirt rocks. 

QLD Early Childhood Sustainability Network 

Set up to provide opportunities for early childhood environmental education as well as resources. 


Dedicated to the development of young gardeners. They have activity pages that offer a range of projects parents can do with their kids.

Designed for kids aged 9-12 and their families. The "MOVE" section is great as they offer fitness for indoors, outdoors and even while the kids are at the computer. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Amazing and free yoga and meditation videos for kids. Jaime is a qualified yoga teacher who writes her own stories and brings them to life in the most fun way. 

Primal Influence 

Clint and Aimee are passionate about providing quality health, fitness and food coaching services for kids (and adults). On the Sunshine Coast they hold Primal Kids Classes.

Kids Fitness First

Captain Kid provides informative material, support and recreational activities to children to encourage them to enjoy a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

Jump Bunch 

A variety of different fitness games for kids, click on one and the rules are explained. Although this is a website for a program, it offers lots of ideas for fun "Fitness Games". 

Mother Natured

Penny is a mama of three, has been a Zoo keeper, a Wildlife Education Officer and is now an Environmental Educator who teaches children about the whole environment.

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