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Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr. Kristy Goodwin is a mum of two boys and a children’s technology and brain researcher. Kristy helps us parents to feel confident raising our kids in this digital age so that rather than fearing or banning technology, we can learn healthy, safe and educational ways for it to help our kids in their learning and development. Kristy originally started as a teacher for 13 years. Welcome Kristy.

As a mother, what's an activity you choose for your sons to keep fit?

We’re a very active family. We spend lots of time at the beach throughout the year, so there’s lots of incidental exercise (walking to and fro, climbing on the rocks, swimming). We also have started riding bikes, now that Mr 5 can ride independently. We also clock up a lot of hours on the trampoline (great for me too) and in the backyard. My son also does swimming lessons, gymnastics and soccer throughout the year.

If your kids could choose dinner, what would it be? 

His favourite meals are pork and chorizo (pork loin chops from the farmer’s market with cannellini beans, olives, capsicum, red onion, thyme and chorizzo). He also loves good old-fashioned spaghetti (even when I smuggle the veggies inside).

What's something you think is important towards supporting a child's emotional development?

We try to have rituals with both of our sons so it gives them an “emotional anchor”, so that they’ve got something concrete to attach to when times get a bit tough. We have Friday Fun afternoons, mummy-dates and “I love you more than…” statements every night. They really do find joy in the simple pleasures and moments.

What do you find is the best advice parents can follow when introducing their children to technology?

Technology is just a tool. It’s neither good nor bad. It depends on how it’s used, when it’s used (for example, is it used before sleep or before school?), what’s viewed or created with technology (for example, an hour of mindless You Tube content is very different to an hour spent creating a digital story or artwork) and with whom it’s used (lots of research to confirm that “co-viewing” increases children’s language skills and boosts their understanding) and where it’s used (it’s imperative that we have “no-go tech zones in our houses so that we aren’t compromising children’s play opportunities).

Best parenting tip for Healthy Fit Kids you can pass on?

Technology is here to stay and we need to use it in a balanced way. The iPad won’t disappear and the Internet will not become disconnected. We need to teach children how to form healthy media habits (from the minute we hand over our smartphone to our pre-schooler). We need to find healthy and helpful ways to use technology with and around young children (they inherit and emulate our behaviours) and minimise any potential harmful effects. Our children will inherit a digital world so we need to find ways to leverage it in ways that will support, not stifle their learning, development and well-being.

Thank you so much Kristy for your time :-) 

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