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Shop for Sunshine Coast Kindergartens and Childcare Centres, Queensland. 


Australian Animal Puppets.

Full Set of 17 puppets.


Knitted Puppets 25 pack.

25 Mixed variety. 


Knitted Puppets 10 pack.

10 Mixed variety. 


Full list of puppets at the bottom of this page.

All puppets are amazing quality & the Australian Animals are very life like. 

Healthy Fit Kids is the only Australian distributor of the Cosmic Kids Yoga DVDs

Cosmic Kids Yoga 3 DVDs

Triple Bundle. All Series - 1, 2 and 3.


Cosmic Kids Yoga 2 DVDs

Double Bundle. Any Two Series 1, 2 or 3. 


Cosmic Kids Yoga 1 DVD

Single DVD of your choice. Series 1, 2 or 3.


BONUS: FREE GIFT of 6 knitted puppets when you purchase any of the above Cosmic Kid Yoga DVDs. 


Email me at   [email protected]   with your details. 

I will email you an order form which will also provide payment details. Thank you. 

I am located on the Sunshine Coast so will deliver all orders once payment is received. 



You will receive one of each of the following puppets -

Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus, Emu, Crocodile, Frilled Neck lizard, Wombat, Possum, 

Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeet, Cockatoo, 

Galah, Echidna, Green Tree Frog, 

Penguin, Magpie, Turtle.


You will receive a mix of random puppets from the ones pictured above - packs are already made up.

Frog, Mouse, Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Crocodile, Monkey, Snake (red), Snake (yellow), Pig, Seal, Snail, Ladybug,

Flamingo, Sheep, Kiwi, Alpaca (white), Alpaca (grey), Cow, Dingo, Wolf, Hummingbird, Rooster, Swan, Penguin,

Zebra, Parrot, Donkey, Turtle (green head), Turtle (yellow head).