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Australian Animal Finger Puppet Set (Buy 4 get 1 FREE)

$20.00 $25.00

Encourage imaginative play and creativity with finger puppets.

Endless hours of fun as the children can make up their own stories.

- Support fine motor development and verbal skills.

- Wonderful for individual or group play.

- Explore the world together with your child while you make your very own puppet show.



These are very good quality puppets from Science and Nature.

There are 17 varieties to choose from:

* Koala

* Kangaroo

* Platypus

* Emu

* Crocodile

* Frilled Neck Lizard

* Wombat

* Possum

* Kookaburra

* Rainbow Lorikeet

* Cockatoo

* Galah

* Echidna

* Green Tree Frog

* Penguin

* Magpie

* Turtle


Puppets are plush material.

There are 17 Puppets in total.

Please list which puppets you would like?

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