An honest approach to a bad day

The bare truth- Honestly, who really does it all? They are LYING!

Well I decided to wait and write this post until I was having "one of those days'. You know, the days where want to run from the house screaming (and possibly never come back?) because not one of the kids is listening and you feel like having a cup of tea wine with lunch (or wait, is that just me?) and your house looks like you have been robbed from the shit thrown all over the floors AND walls, the dishes and washing are so high you have actually run out of plates and then just to top it off, you haven't been able to shower or pee once without the kids hanging off the toilet roll telling you they are still hungry!!!!!!!!!  We all have those days, whether we have one monster... um, I mean child, or we have four. 


These "bad" days are extremely frustrating, exhausting, over whelming and just seem to go on for soooo so so so damn long, they seriously feel like the day will never end. 


On "these" days, be kind to yourself, don't worry about doing everything the right way or the healthiest way, who cares if the kids have toast for dinner (it won't kill them!), just do what you have to for yourself and for the kids to get through the day in one piece.... even if you look like a crazy person at the end of it. 


We are all too hard on ourselves, we are too hard on others and I believe we do not cut ourselves enough slack. We are doing far too much, filling our buckets and our children's buckets with way too much of the wrong thing. We all, in general life, need to SLOW DOWN!


On these "crazy" days, just remember that you are not alone and there are millions of other parents at this same time all over the world, having "one of those days" as well. 


Today, as I write this now, I have had a day where I can't even take my own healthy advice from this site. The kids did have toast for dinner, although I was proud of myself as I even popped a piece of fruit at the side, thank you god for apples and banana, lol. 


It is now night, my kids are sleeping (although we will see how long it lasts after my luck today ha ha) and I am thoroughly enjoying my bottle of champagne, no, a glass was not going to do the job after today. Cheers!

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