Healthy Fit Kids

Give your children their BEST life.  An endless resource kit for parents


Nature Play QLD

Their mission is to increase the time Queensland kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature. It is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors - nature play - is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

Nature Play SA

Aims to increase the time South Australian children spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature as this is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood. The organisation's primary role is to spread the nature play message and to work to increase access to nature play resources, events and programs.


Dedicated to the development of young gardeners. They have activity pages that offer a range of projects parents can do with their kids. This keeps kids active both physically and mentally and provides a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children.

QLD Early Childhood Sustainability Network

Set up to provide opportunities for early childhood environmental education. The network serves as an exchange for teaching ideas and resources, conducts professional development and provides ‘expert’ advice to groups and individuals.

DirtGirl World

A celebration of life outside!
Where dirt rocks and everyone digs the planet,
where nature first is second nature, where little things do make a big difference and a place of bizarre insects & underground tunnels. There are games, a club, grubby tv and a get grubby program. Lots of fun for the kids.