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G'day I'm Kate, mum of three cheeky munchkins who I adore more than anything in the world but also drive me totally crazy, a very proud firefighters wife and an early childhood educator. I am also the creator of Healthy Fit Kids, a teacher, a house keeper, a sleep deprived human, a cheerleader, a photographer, a personal shopper, a chef, a nurse, a referee, a psychologist, a taxi driver, a party planner, a health coach & last but absolutely not least, a super keen advocate of children's health & well-being in all areas of their development. 

Here I offer you all the resources I can find to help you in your life with kids

A one stop place for Healthy Fit Kids. 

Our children are little for such a small amount of time over our entire lives, so make sure you really connect and spend time with your children now while you are their entire world and they love you more than ever. 

Kate Bowern - Creator of Healthy Fit Kids and Mama of three

What I'm loving right now...

I am absolutely loving Jen Shaw. Keeping costs down but still enjoying delicious family recipes. 

What happens when children (12-18 years old) don't have the internet for a whole day? OMG!!!!!

Painting rocks. Whether it's rock pets or creating other masterpieces, there are ideas galore in here. 

6 Things to Do Right Now If Your Kid Is Being Bullied. Some great tips in here that can help. 

Unique animal behaviour, extreme/unusual sports, outdoor adventures & environmental stories.

Maggie Dent has the BEST information I've found about raising children... 

Boys Boys Boys Interview

Raising Boys Information

Raising Girls Information

Anger, Self-regulation

Maggie's Up-coming Events

Emotional Support

Offering a mix of supportive, informative, scientific and real life stories and resources. Also positive ways to truly connect with your children, simple family living and websites offering raw and honest information, because it's not always easy and we all find it hard sometimes. 

Fitness, Nature & Exploring

Fun fitness games to get the kids out and about, kids exercises, fitness tips and healthy ways to keep your children moving and aerobically fit. Also ideas for the whole family to join in. Explore nature with endless ideas to try.

Arts, Crafts & Creativity

A great variety of sites with a mix of educational and just for fun creations you can all make. Although most are simple and easy to set up and complete, I've also found a few websites with more advanced projects for the older children. 

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Children's Yoga & Meditations can be just as beneficial for the parents, so get your zen on and join in the fun with your kids. Mindfulness practices can be found here with direct links to videos as well as websites.  

Food & Recipes for the family

Recipes, meal ideas and informative articles about food and their benefits can be found in this wide range of family friendly websites. I've sourced a variety of sites that offer families many options for all types of diets, allergies and intolerance's. 

I'm very excited to announce that I am now an ambassador for No Packet November. After visiting Schools and Kindergartens, I can see how out of control packaged and processed foods have become, it is really scary. 

I'm a parent, I understand we want fast, easy and convenient foods for our children but I believe our children's health is worth taking an extra few minutes to prepare nourishing and nutritious snacks and meals for them. 

Get more support, tips and information here...

Support & Resources for PARENTS because YOU need to fill your cup first.

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